DojiDojo is a community of traders that are working on achieving their dreams of financial independence. While there are numerous traders out there producing content these days, it’s rare to find traders who are truly focused on mastery of their craft. I was fortunate enough to have a mentor early on that put me on the path to mastery, but I had no idea back then that I was headed toward something this life-changing.

Most traders go about this business the wrong way – they gamble and rely on luck, thinking the markets are just like a casino with unpredictable results. Here at DojiDojo, we want to empower traders who are seeking a deeper understanding of price action and technical analysis. The more you learn and understand about the markets, the more you can achieve by trading, and the future is limitless if we continue to improve everyday.

If you’re new to trading, it’s likely that you’ve already faced some negativity on your short journey thus far. Don’t be discouraged. While there are 10 or 20 bitter failures for every successful trader, you really can achieve success in this if you devote yourself to mastering your craft. You’ll find a wealth of information and resources here to help you decide whether this is really for you. But don’t expect it to come easily – you’ll be investing a lot of time (and potentially money) before you start seeing any consistent results.

If you’re experienced and simply struggling to find the consistency or results that you’re after, there’s something here for you too. By sharing your progress and goals with us, you’ll likely find a boost in your discipline, focus, and willingness to work on the things holding you back. We don’t promise that you’ll succeed, but your chances of succeeding in anything in life are greatly improved when you work around other highly-motivated people.