A Complete Funded Futures Account Breakdown: Withdrawing Your Profit

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This is part 3 of this series, where we will go over everything related to profits. So you’ve subscribed to an evaluation, hit the profit target, and got yourself a funded futures account. A few days (or weeks) later, your funded account is showing a positive return of a few thousand dollars. Congratulations! What’s next?

Well, you probably want to have those profits withdrawn and sent to your bank account. But there’s some bad news: at the firm you chose, you might have to wait a while before you see a single dollar.

Is it a scam? No, these prop firms definitely do pay out to their funded traders. If there’s any reason for doubt (based on reviews or what people have told me personally), I have left them off of this list.

However, as you’ll see in this article, some of them have a couple more hoops for you to jump through. You might have to reach a certain threshold for withdrawal, or meet some criteria based on days traded, kind of like during the evaluation.

Whichever process is more comfortable for you is the one you should choose. Knowing these rules in advance will save you some unnecessary frustration later. So which firm offers the best withdrawal system? Let’s find out.

What Happens When You’re Funded

You should know a few things that will be required of you when you get funded.

First, you will be presented a contract, and you will have to provide some personal information. You must have a real photo ID, valid bank account number and routing number, Social Security Number (or international equivalent) and share your home address. All of this is necessary because these are not gimmick funding programs – they are actually set up to pay you real profits based on your performance.

It’s also worth knowing that some of these funded programs will put you on a simulated or demo account. This may make a difference in terms of your fills in certain situations, but the difference is negligible.

Regardless of whether you are on a real account or a simulated one, whatever profits you earn will be eligible as real money to withdraw. So don’t get caught up too much about whether you’re trading live or not. Once you’re funded, you’re in. Every company on this list is legitimate and has paid out.

Any questions? Reach out and I’ll do my best to answer them. Otherwise, let’s start with how to withdraw from the first prop firm on our list.

The Profit Split

While most firms used to offer something like 70/30, 80/20, with the majority of profits going to the trader, the competition has worked in our benefit.

Now, most funded futures accounts come with an offer of 100% of the first few thousand you earn, and then a 90/10 profit split after that. If you don’t understand what all these numbers mean, here’s an example.

Let’s say one firm offers you 100% of the first $8,000, and then a 90/10 split after. What this means is that for the first $8,000 of profits, you’re entitled to all of it. After you cross that $8,000 or whatever the threshold is for that firm, the firm will keep a percentage of your profits when you withdraw them.

So if you make a withdraw request of $12,000, you will get $8,000 + 90% of the remaining $4,000, which is $3,600. Your payout will be $11,600 total. And since you’ve crossed $8,000 in withdrawn profits, all withdrawal requests will be at a 90/10 split from that point on.

You may think that you shouldn’t be giving up 10% of your profits to these companies, but I think that’s the wrong way to look at it. Consider everything you’re getting out of these funded accounts.

You can get yourself funded with just a couple hundred dollars (sometimes less), and assuming you trade correctly, you would be withdrawing thousands of dollars from each account. And that’s still not the biggest advantage.

The most important privilege they are offering is the complete elimination of any risk to our own capital once we get funded. This is an incredible opportunity if you use it wisely.


What is Deel.com? Deel.com is “global hiring, HR and payroll in just one system.” I’ve never used it myself. However, several prop firms handle profit withdrawal through this site.

Deel.com provides 1099 tax forms, and supports all the main deposit methods, like ACH, Paypal, Coinbase, Binance, and more.

Apex Trader

I hope you’re comfortable. There’s a lot to cover with Apex. I’ve written a separate article just for Apex’s Payout System, because it’s so difficult compared to some other firms. If you’d prefer that guide, check it out here.

Apex Trader offers one of the most generous profit splits I’ve ever seen for funded futures. The trader gets 100% of the first $25,000 earned, with a 90/10 split afterward. However, their profit withdrawing process leaves much to be desired.

In addition to restrictions on when you can withdraw, there are certain restrictions on when you are eligible to withdraw. I’ve done my best to explain it as clearly as possible below.

First Three Payout Requests

For the first three payouts, there’s requirements for days traded, a minimum and maximum withdrawal amount, and maintaining a certain remaining account balance after the withdrawal is to be processed.

Required Trading Days

You must have 10 separate trading days before making a request. For additional payouts, you will again need 10 separate trading days since the previous payout. So if you traded only 5 times this month, you will not be able to request another payout, even if it’s been a long time since the last one.

The 10th day will not be counted until the day has ended. This means you cannot place a trade on the morning of Day #10, and then immediately request a payout. You will have to wait until the following trading day. Keep in mind a trading day is from 6 PM EST to 5 PM EST, starting on Sunday evening.

Withdrawal Minimum

To request a withdrawal, it must be at least $500. You must also have at least the minimum balance listed in the table below. So if you’re on a $100,000 account, you can’t request a withdrawal until you’ve made at least $3,100.

However, you are allowed to withdraw up to the maximum withdrawal amount at this point. So if you reach $3,100, you can withdraw $2,500 of that, and leave your account at $100,600. Keep in mind that your trailing drawdown would be $100,100, so withdrawing too much may limit your trading.

Withdrawal Maximums

Apex has yet another restriction: you cannot withdraw excess profits for three months. In the following table, you will see that there’s a withdrawal maximum, for the first 3 months. This is not the first 3 requests, but the first 3 months. This will come out to 6 payouts if you are requesting them twice a month.

So while you might make $20,000 on your $50,000 account in your first 3 months, you will only be able to withdraw $2,000 per payout, for a total of $12,000. The remaining $8,000 will have to stay in the account until the fourth month.

Apex Trader AccountsMinimum Balance RequiredMaximum Withdrawal Amount (twice monthly, first 3 months)
$100,000 (Static)$102,600$1,000

Fourth and Future Months Payouts

Once you’ve crossed into the fourth month, there’s no maximum withdrawal, as long as you keep your balance at its initial level + $100. You still have to wait 10 days between payout requests.

Withdrawing on Multiple Accounts

One of the best features of Apex is access to multiple accounts. If you have profit on 5 or 10 separate funded futures accounts, you can request a payout from all accounts at the same time, following the schedule explained above.

So using that same example with the $50,000 account, you’d be eligible to withdraw $2,000 per account, twice a month. You’d still have to leave $8,000 of the $20,000 in each account, but you’d be withdrawing a large sum altogether.

30% Rule – No Irregular Gains

In addition to the general limits imposed on the first few withdrawal requests, Apex has a couple rules to deter gamblers from cashing out on lucky profits.

The 30% rule dictates that when requesting a withdrawal, the trader’s balance must not have more than 30% of its profits earned on a single trading day. In other words, if your balance is at $3,000 and you’ve met the 10 day requirement, no single trading day should have more than $900 profit. If it does, your withdrawal request MAY be denied, and you will have to continue trading until this is no longer the case. This rule works against gambling and encourages more consistent trading.

Notice that I wrote “may”. One advantage at Apex, is that this rule is enforced with discretion. So if you are trading with some consistency and nothing looks suspicious (a lot of variation in position sizes, for example), they will choose not to enforce this rule.

If you’re like me, and often have larger profitable days, this is good news. Some firms have a hard rule on the %, and will make sure you cannot withdraw if you violate that rule, until your balance looks u will simply have to make more overall, or cut your runners short from time to time. Be aware of your overall profits and what your maximum single day’s gain would be, by calculating this 30% mark early and often.

20% Rule – No Flipping

The 20% rule says that no more than 20% of your trading days should include purely “flipping” positions. This rule is in place to deter traders from racking up trading days without doing any actual trading.

Sometimes, when firms have a trading days requirement, traders will meet their profit target in a few days, and place a quick scalp trade on the other days, until they can withdraw. While this is an effective strategy for some evaluations and even funded accounts elsewhere, Apex is more careful about it.

If you happen to do this once in a while, it’s not a big deal. Just make sure it’s not 20% of your total trading days, or your withdrawal request may be denied.

Both the 20% and 30% rule may sound like annoying obstacles on your road to your first withdrawal, but they’re really not. If it happens to you, just trade smarter, display a better consistent trading history, make another request, and you will have those payouts approved. The funds that were not allowed at your first request will still be there to be withdrawn later.

Payment Processing

Payouts are processed through ACH transfer only.

Check out Apex Trader here.

BluSky Trading

At BluSky Trading, as of May 2024, traders now get a 90/10 profit split. Previously, the system started you at 80/20, but if you can’t beat the competition (Apex, Bulenox, OneUp, etc.), join them.

Withdrawing Profits

At BluSky, the account progresses from BluLive to a Live Brokerage Account once you cross a certain threshold. You must achieve a profit of 6% again to be transferred to a Live Brokerage Account, where you are now eligible for withdrawal. See the table below.

BluSky AccountsBalance to Move to Live Brokerage

What this means is that you have to earn the amount shown above to withdraw any profits. It works the same as a withdrawal threshold, except you don’t have to keep any of it in the account.

The minimum withdrawal amount is low, only $250. So once you’re at the minimum balance shown above, you can withdraw as much as you want.

However, if you withdraw the full amount, you will almost certainly blow the account up. This is because you will not have any room to allow your next trade to develop.

When you are in the Live Brokerage account, your trailing static drawdown moves up until it reaches the initial balance +$1,000. Any amount you withdraw must leave the $1,000 in the account, or the account will be closed.

The nice thing about BluSky’s funded futures accounts is there are no minimum trading days required for claiming your profit. This means you can make a lot of money the first day, get upgraded to the Live Brokerage account, and request a payout immediately. Payments are processed within 3 business days.

With $250 minimum, no maximum, and no trading day requirements, BluSky competes for the most straightforward profit withdrawal system. The only drawback is that the profit split in the beginning is not competitive anymore.

Payment Processing

Payouts are processed through ACH only.

Check out BluSky here.


At Bulenox, the trader gets 100% of the first $10,000 earned. After this, the profit split on all funded futures accounts is 90/10.

Withdrawing Profits

To be eligible for profit withdrawals, you have to have 10 trading days on your funded futures account. The minimum withdrawal amount is $1,000, and $500 for the smallest ($10,000) account.

Similar to other firms, Bulenox has a profit withdrawal threshold. On top of having a threshold, there is a maximum withdrawal amount which increases with account size. However, this system is in place for the first 3 withdrawal requests only.

Payouts are processed once a week, on Wednesday. To get your money on Wednesday of the following week, you have to request a payout by 11:59 PM EST on Friday. This means that if you request a payout on Monday, you will have to wait until the following Wednesday to get it.

Bulenox AccountsWithdrawal Threshold (Must stay in Account)Minimum Withdrawal AmountMaximum Withdrawal Amount (first 3 payments)

Additional (Hidden) 40% Rule

There is a hidden 40% consistency rule at Bulenox, not mentioned anywhere on the site until you are funded and ready to request a payout. In addition, there isn’t even an explanation on this rule, but I figure it is similar to the consistency at Apex and other firms.

Until I get further word from Bulenox about this, I will assume that they want no more than 40% of your total profits coming from a single day. It’s possible they don’t enforce it, but I will update this when I get my first payout.

Payment Processing

Bulenox processes payments through ACH/Wire Transfer, Paypal, and Zelle.

Check out Bulenox here.


At Earn2Trade, traders get an 80/20 profit split on all funded futures accounts. This remains the same for the lifetime of the funded account. To offset the disadvantage here, Earn2Trade has less restrictions on withdrawals, once you’re funded.

Withdrawing Profits

To withdraw profits at Earn2Trade, there’s a few rules to follow. First, requests must be made by 2 PM Friday. If your request is in time, you will receive your profits the following Tuesday.

You are free to withdraw amounts over $100. But if you want to withdraw less than $500, it costs $10 to process a withdrawal, as a “fee for using Deel”.

Other than the time restriction, traders have the ability to withdraw as much as they’d like.

Payment Processing

Payouts are processed via Bank Wire, Paypal, Payoneer, Revolut, Wise, and Coinbase.

Check out Earn2Trade here.

EliteTrader Funding

At EliteTrader, traders get 100% of the first $12,500 earned. Then, the profit split on all funded futures accounts is 90/10.

The first $12,500 rule applies per user, not per account.

Withdrawing Profits

The withdrawal system at EliteTrader is a bit slow. You can only request a payout once per month, and need to meet a requirement of 15 trading days initially.

In addition, traders must stop trading after making a payout request, until the payout is verified. This can take up to 24 hours.

If you request a payout and your minimum days requirement is not met, it will be paid out once you meet the requirement, usually the following month. Double check your days before requesting a withdrawal.

EliteTrader recently announced that traders are now able to withdraw multiple times in the same month, provided that the totals are not surpassing the maximum payouts as per the table below. This does not change much, but it allows you to request your funds in smaller blocks, rather than requiring you to take it all at once.

The First Three Payouts

For the first payout, you must have 15 trading days, and your trailing drawdown must have reached the initial balance +100. Since the trailing drawdown increases with account size, this means that for the larger accounts, you have to make more to withdraw your first profits.

For the second payout, you must have 15 trading days since the first payout.

For the third payout, you need 10 trading days since the second payout.

There is also a minimum and maximum withdrawal amount for each payout request. The maximum goes up with each successful payout.

Regardless of when you request your payout, you must follow these guidelines for the first three. For month four and onward, you are free to withdraw however much you want, but only once per month.

You may recall that EliteTrader offers five separate categories of evaluations. However, the system for withdrawing profits is the same for each respective account size.

EliteTrader Accounts1st Payout2nd Payout3rd Payout
$10,000$500 – $1,000$500 – $1,750$500 – $2,000
$25,000$500 – $1,750$500 – $2,000$500 – $2,250
$50,000$500 – $2,000$500 – $2,250$500 – $2,500
$75,000$500 – $2,250$500 – $2,500$500 – $2,750
$100,000$500 – $2,500$500 – $2,750$500 – $3,000
$150,000$500 – $2,750$500 – $3,000$500 – $3,250
$250,000$500 – $3,000$500 – $3,250$500 – $3,500
$300,000$500 – $3,250$500 – $3,500$500 – $3,750

The 40% Rule

At EliteTrader, there’s an additional rule which serves to restrict your withdrawals if you are not maintaining a certain consistency.

In essence, it says that your account must not show a single day comprising more than 40% of your total balance. So if you’re on a $50,000 account, and earned $2,000 on the first day, you would not be permitted to withdraw any profits until you’ve earned an additional $6,000.

This is severely restrictive, and a big disadvantage to the more talented traders. To circumvent this rule, you will have to trade with consistent size and similar profit targets until you’re comfortable with the amount you’ve withdrawn.

Payment Processing

Payouts are processed through Deel.com.

Check out EliteTrader here.

Leeloo Trading

At Leeloo, traders get 100% of the first $12,500, and earn on a 90/10 profit split on all funded futures accounts afterward. How these withdraws work is dependent on the type of account that the trader selects.

This is because Leeloo Trading has one of the more complicated withdrawal process I’ve seen. In addition to multiple types of evaluation accounts, the trader must make choose between two account types after passing the evaluation.

Note that there is no trading permitted on the day you request a payout, until the payout has been deducted from your account.

Withdrawing Profits

Because Leeloo offers two main types of funded accounts, there’s slightly different systems for each. However, for both accounts, you must follow a few rules.

First, requests for payouts must be made on the last Monday of the month, only.

The Accelerator

For the Accelerator Account, traders must scale up to reach the maximum position sizes allotted for their account. The advantage here is that withdrawing profits is relatively easy. If you are producing and scaling up, you can withdraw with no minimum or maximum after 30 trading days.

Then, after the first payout, you will only need 10 trading days to request subsequent withdrawals.

The Investor

On the Investor Account, traders can trade maximum size from day 1. Be careful, as this is not an advantage unless you really know what you are doing.

To withdraw profits here, it takes a little longer.

First, a payout can only be requested after you’ve traded for 30 days. After the first payout, you must have 10 trading days in the following month to request a payout at the end of the month. This continues until you’ve successfully received your 4th payout.

For the 1st through 4th payouts, there is a minimum of $1,000 that you must be requesting. You must also meet the account balance requirements in the table below. The maximum you can withdraw is also shown.

Leeloo Investor AccountsBalance RequiredMinimum Payout (Months 1-4)Maximum Payout (Months 1-4)

After the 4th payout, there is no minimum or maximum on payouts.

Note that when making a withdrawal request on the Investor, you are not allowed to trade on the same day until it has been processed.

Entry LE Accounts

There’s another system when you want to use the Entry LE Account. These are the accounts that are designed for beginners on a budget, or for those practicing new strategies at a low expense. To offset the cheap cost (and since nothing is ever free), these accounts offer a much lower profit split to traders, at 50/50.

Upon passing the evaluation, traders still choose between the Investor and the Accelerator, but they will stay on a 50/50 profit split for the duration of the account.

The progression follows the table shown above, except you will only receive 50% of whatever is successfully withdrawn.

Payment Processing

Payments are processed through ACH or Wire only. Wires take up to 7 business days, and ACH take 3. This is much slower than some other firms, such as OneUp Trader.

Check out Leeloo Trading here.

OneUp Trader

OneUp Trader is one of my favorites because of their straightforward and fast withdrawal system. Traders are free to begin withdrawing immediately, provided that they achieve a certain profit threshold first. Funded futures traders get 100% of the first $10,000 earned, followed by a 90/10 profit split afterward.

Withdrawing Profits

To request your profits, you must keep your balance at the profit withdrawal threshold or more. Plus, each withdraw must be $1,000 or greater.

This means that even if you reach $52,500 on the $50,000 funded futures account, you cannot withdraw any of this profit until you have reached $1,000 above that. You won’t be eligible to withdraw the money in the threshold for the first 90 days of the funded account. After 90 days, you can withdraw every cent if you want to.

Funds will be sent out by wire to your bank account, within a few hours upon request (by e-mail). Compared to most firms, OneUp Trader’s system is one of the fastest, but the profit withdrawal threshold does slow things down.

OneUp Trader AccountsProfit Withdrawal Thresholds

Payment Processing

Payments are processed via Wire and Cryptocurrency.

Check out OneUp Trader here.

TakeProfit Trader

TakeProfit Trader has two levels of funded accounts. Traders get a 80/20 profit split with no first $X bonus.

Withdrawing Profits

Pro Accounts

The “Pro account” is the account that you get upon passing the evaluation. The withdrawal requirement is equal to the drawdown on this account.

So for a $50,000 account, the drawdown begins at $2,000, and traders can begin withdrawing once they cross $52,000. The money in the first $2,000 remains untouched, unless the trader requests to withdraw it.

If the trader wishes to withdraw this money earlier, the account will be closed in the process. This is a hard rule. It will apply if you withdraw only $100 of the money in the buffer! In addition, there is a 50/50 profit split applied to these funds, if you have less than 60 trading days on the account. After 60 days, the 80/20 split applies to these funds.

When the account is closed, the money in the buffer ($2,000 in this case) is paid to the trader.

Pro+ Accounts

Upon earning $5,000 in the Pro account, traders have the option to upgrade to a Pro+ Account. In this account, traders get a 90/10 profit split, with no buffer requirement.

Payment Processing

Payments are processed via ACH/Wire transfer, and Paypal. Note that you will have to submit a request, and fill out a tax form when processing withdrawals.

Check out TakeProfit Trader here.

TickTick Trader

At TickTick Trader, funded futures traders get 100% of the profit that is withdrawn for the first 3 months. After this, it’s a 90/10 profit split. However, as you’ll see, this “first 3 months” clause sometimes comes with a catch.

This system is potentially a game changer, because a proficient trader can take advantage of this by trading at a high clip and keeping every penny. On the other hand, a beginner trader may not earn much money at all in this system. So the advantage here is dependent on your abilities.

Withdrawing Profits

TickTick Trader offers two types of accounts, and the withdrawal system is slightly different on each.

Payouts can be requested at any time during the calendar month, to be processed within 5 business days.

TickTick Trader Direct Accounts

In the Direct accounts, there is no waiting period. Profits can be withdrawn as soon as you have exceeded the safety threshold. Note that there is a minimum for each request.

TickTick Trader Direct AccountsSafety ThresholdWithdrawal Minimum

TickTick Trader Performance Accounts

In the Performance Accounts, withdrawing profits is not possible until you’ve reached 40 trading days. It also requires a safety threshold to be met on the account. See the table below.

TickTick Trader Performance AccountsSafety ThresholdWithdrawal Minimum

Because of the 40 trading days rule, the first month is not even relevant for Performance Accounts. You can only start withdrawing midway through the second month. After the 4th month, it is a 90/10 profit split.

Early Withdrawal

Something not typically offered at prop firms for funded futures is an early withdrawal rule. This rule allows you to withdraw profits and bypass the 40 trading day rule on the performance account. However, the profit split on these payouts is 50/50, which is a significant reduction.

Either way, this is nice to have as a lifeline, if you’re ever desperate to pay off the cost of your evaluation or some other expenses and cannot wait 40 trading days.

Payment Processing

Payouts are processed through Deel.com.

Check out TickTick Trader here.


TopStep boasts that they have the best payout policy. Let’s see if they’re right. Traders keep 100% of the first $10,000, with a 90/10 profit split afterward.

The first $10,000 rule applies per user, not per account.

Withdrawing Profits

At TopStep, traders have to meet a 5 winning trading days (profits of $200 or more) requirement to withdraw up to 50% of profits. This is a distinction you must be aware of – taking a random small loss for a day will not count as a valid trading day.

Upon requesting your first payout, the maximum loss limit on your account will immediately be moved up to $0. This is not like what you find at other firms, so let me explain.

For example, let’s say you have a $50,000 account. If you reach $1,500 of profit (meaning your trailing drawdown was moved up from $47,500 to $49,000), requesting a withdrawal will move this drawdown up to $50,000. I am not a fan of this rule, but it’s good to be aware.

After reaching 30 winning trading days (again, profits of $200 or more), the trader can request a withdrawal of up to 100% of profits.

Note that withdrawing all of your balance will force your account to close, so it’s better to leave some capital in the account to continue trading.

First Payout Bonus

TopStep mentions something about a bonus that is awarded to traders when they request their first payout. But they do not mention how much this bonus is, so I inquired.

The bonus is whatever you paid for the last month of your subscription. So if you had a larger account, the bonus will be larger. It also seems like if you had a discounted subscription and passed in one month, your “bonus” will be small. So this bonus acts as a refund of your subscription cost, assuming you only needed one month.

Payment Processing

Payouts are processed via Check, ACH, and Wire transfer.

Check out TopStep here.


At TradeDay, you get to keep 100% of the first $10,000. A 90/10 profit split applies afterward.

The first $10,000 rule applies per user, not per account.

Withdrawing Profits

When you pass the evaluation and get funded, you are placed in either the Funded SIM or Funded Live account. Withdrawing profits from the Funded SIM has a cap at $5,000. After this, you are switched to Funded Live, which can take up to 5 days to set up.

Requesting a payout of less than $500 will incur a fee for TradeDay’s wire cost, but there is no fee if you withdraw $500 or more.

You have to request your payout before 4:30 PM CT to have it processed that day. The money is withdrawn the following morning and sent out.

TradeDay keeps it simple. Besides the waiting period between SIM and Live, there is nothing else stopping you from earning profits and withdrawing them immediately.

Payment Processing

Payments are processed via bank wire, ACH transfer, or Paypal.

Check out TradeDay here.

UProfit Trader

At UProfit Trader, traders get 100% of the first payouts, up to $15,000. After this, payouts come at a 80/20 split. However, there is some fine print here. Read this next part carefully.

The wording on this is different from most firms that guarantee 100% of some initial earnings. To take full advantage of UProfit’s “first $15,000”, you must request that entire $15,000 in a single first payout, which is highly unlikely for most traders. If you request only $1,000, all future withdrawals are cut by 20%.

Withdrawing Profits

The minimum withdrawal amount is $100. Processing your payouts is straightforward (taking up to 24 hours), but due to their rules, this process can be significantly lengthened.

Keep in mind that UProfit does not allow copy trading. They explicitly mention that suspicious profits are subject to investigation, and that they may block or hold profits if they suspect you of doing anything fishy. So if you want to copy trade, don’t use UProfit. Try something like Apex instead.

With that said, the rest of the system is similar to some we’ve seen already. A “Safety Net” (the same as a withdrawal threshold or buffer) is not eligible for withdraw for the first 40 trading days, unless you are willing to take a 50/50 profit split on these funds.

After 40 trading days, if you withdraw these funds, it’s provided at an 80/20 split. Note that it is still not the 90/10 split for normal withdrawals.

If you’re withdrawing funds above the safety net, you can start withdrawing on day 1! This is a huge advantage that UProfit offers, provided that you are earning that much to begin with.

The Safety Net levels are shown below.

UProfit Funded AccountsSafety Threshold

If your account is cancelled or breaks a rule that ends your UProfit career (momentarily – you can always start a new evaluation), profits are paid at 20/80, with 20% going to the trader. Do your best to follow the rules, or it will be expensive.

Payment Processing

Payments can be made through ACH/Wire Transfer, Zelle, Paypal, or Cryptocurrency.

Check out UProfit Trader here.

Which Firm Has the Best Withdrawal System?

Some firms offer larger profit shares on their funded futures accounts, with restrictions on when you get to pay yourself. Others offer modest profit shares, and less restrictions. Most utilize a combination of both.

For withdrawal minimums and maximums, I am using values based on the $50,000 account, since every firm offers it.

Note that a score of 7/10 does NOT mean that it is a 7/10 prop firm – it’s only my grade for the withdrawal system. Some that enforce stricter withdrawal rules (like Apex) may actually be the best firms overall.

$50,000 accountsKeep 100% of FirstProfit Split AfterDays Required for First WithdrawWithdrawal Threshold (Safety Net)Min First WithdrawMax First WithdrawPayouts Before Max WithdrawDays Between PayoutsMy Grade
Apex Trader$25,00090/1010$2,600$100$2,0003-610 (Trading Days)6/10
BluSky TradingNone90/100$3,000#$250NoneN/A08.5/10
Bulenox$10,00090/1010$2,600$1,000$1,50031 week6.75/10
Earn2TradeNone80/200N/A$100*None3 (AND 3 months)1 week5.75/10
EliteTrader$12,50090/1015$2,100##$500$2,000315, then 10, then once per month5/10
Leeloo Trading (Investor)$12,50090/1030$2,600NoneNone430, then 10 (Trading Days)5.5/10
Leeloo Trading (Accelerator)$12,50090/1030$2,600$1,000$1,500N/A30, then 10 (Trading Days)5.5/10
OneUpTrader$10,00090/100$2,500$1,000NoneN/A1 week8.75/10
TakeProfit TraderNone80/2015$2,000None**NoneN/A04.5/10
TickTick TraderFirst 3 months90/1040$2,600$500NoneN/A05.5/10
TopStep$10,00090/105N/ANone50% of Balance05, then 30 (Trading Days)^^7.5/10
UProfit Trader$15,000&80/200$2,500$100NoneN/A06.5/10
*= Withdrawing less than $500 incurs a fee
**=Withdrawing less than $250 incurs a $50 fee
^= refers to profits withdrawn during LiveSIM
^^= 5 trading days to withdraw up to 50% balance, 30 trading days of $200+ needed to withdraw 100% of balance
#= can be withdrawn immediately
##= based on drawdown moving up rather than net profits
&=Applies to only the first payout request

How I Graded These Firms

I believe that the best firm (the one that doesn’t exist yet) is the one that has no restrictions on withdrawals whatsoever. If you trade well, and you earn money, you withdraw it. I think it can be that simple, and hope that firm will be here soon.

However, considering how many people recklessly gamble at these companies to circumvent the system and abuse the risk on each account, I don’t have high hopes that we’ll ever see it.

As a result of this idealistic view, most of these firms score pretty low. But this is the funded futures world for now. You will have to either wait a month, keep a certain profit in your account, or withdraw small amounts in the beginning, regardless of what you make.

Here is how I graded them:

My Grading System for Withdrawing ProfitsPoints
Less than 90/10 Profit Split-2
Trader Keeps < 100% of the first $10,000-1
Initial Trading Days Requirement-1 (-2 if more than 10)
Withdraw Threshold Requirement-0.5
High Minimum Withdrawal (Over $500)-0.5
Maximum Withdrawal Limit-0.5
Payouts Requirement before Max Withdrawal-1
Limits on Withdraws (Trading days)-1
Limits on Withdraws (non-trading days)-0.25


TradeDay’s funded futures accounts score the highest by my system, but I think OneUp Trader still wins in the end, if we’re only talking about withdrawing your profit.

TradeDay is technically the fastest, but after you cross $5,000, there is a period of waiting a week as your account is transferred to a live account. OneUp doesn’t have any waiting once you’re trading with your funded account. Every profit you make is eligible to withdraw, with the only restriction being the withdrawal threshold and processing payouts once per week.

With that said, your situation and demands might cause you to look at another option. Some people don’t need to withdraw profits regularly, while others are relying on trading for a full-time income.

Depending on what you’re after, you might value one of these systems differently. Feel free to share your thoughts if you have a unique perspective on the whole process.

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