They say that less than 5% of those who actively trade are able to turn a profit.

We’re the type of traders that love defying those odds.

  • Preparation
  • Risk Management
  • Execution Quality
  • Discipline

100% guaranteed funding

for any trader that meets the profit requirement and follows the rules during the evaluation phase.

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Trade full size anytime

so you can take advantage of leveraged products and higher volatility, with almost no restrictions.

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Competitive profit splits

allow you to keep 100% of your initial earnings, and 90% of whatever you earn after a certain amount.

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Want to know more about getting funded?

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Which Prop Firm is the Best?

Futures Trading 101: The Basics

Futures markets carry higher risk, but come with higher rewards as well. Learn about the basics here, including contracts, margins, and leverage.

The Right Way to Practice Trading

Before going live, it’s important to properly test your strategy in a demo trading environment. Most traders skip this step. Don’t be like most.

How To Get A Funded Account

The next generation of prop firms is here, allowing skilled traders to profit with even less risk than ever before. Do you have what it takes?